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Data protection and internet law

Most businesses have websites to promote their businesses activities, obtain contact details for marketing purposes and many engage in the online selling of their goods or services. The problem is however that often businesses do not appreciate that using the internet in this way is much more involved than simply setting up a website.

Businesses need to consider the legal implications and the need to display terms and conditions. For example, a typical website may need:

  • Terms of use
  • Data protection notices
  • Terms and conditions of business

Moreover, if businesses engage in online selling to consumers then they may need advice on the implications of the Distance Selling Regulations, which give online consumers greater rights. Rutherfords is not only able to offer detailed advice in this area but can also review and / or redraft your terms of use and business to ensure that your liabilities are minimised and that your business is trading in accordance with the law.

Similarly, Rutherfords can assist businesses that offer other internet services, such as those in the field of marketing or computer related services. For example, we can assist in the preparation of:

  • Source code agreements
  • Licence agreements / subscription agreements
  • Database agreements

Data protection also plays an important role in the realm of internet trading and internet services but is often forgotten. Data protection affects all commercial activities which involve the collection and use of personal information about individuals, such as their name and address. Businesses often do not appreciate their obligations to comply with the Data Protection Act 1998. This is particularly the case when businesses conduct marketing, as they often use personal information for mail shots and marketing calls. But can you use the personal information in this way? Have you notified the Information Commissioners Office? Do your terms and conditions contain the relevant data protection notices to ensure your compliance with the law and the minimisation of your liability? Rutherfords can advise your business of its obligations and prepare contract terms to deal with all aspects of data protection.

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