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A person who has been appointed to manage and distribute your estate if you have not made a Will
Adverse Possession
When you use land for a lengthy period of time as if the land was yours then you may obtain possession of that land.
A sworn statement.
A long term lung disease caused by inhaling asbestos fibres over a prolonged period.
Everything that you own that has value, such as a house, land or cash
Someone who will inherit from the will
Benign Pleural Plaques
A hardening of the pleura in the lungs which can effect lung movement.
To leave a gift in the will
A specific item of sum of money given by a Will. Also see Legacy below
Personal possessions, such as a car, furniture or jewellery
A document that alters, cancels or adds to the provisions of the previously drafted will
Compromise Agreement
A document which contains the terms of agreement of termination of employment reached betwween an employer and an employee. It is always recommended that a compromise agreement is entered into in such circumstances.
County Court Bailiff
These are persons responsible for enforcing County Court orders and for taking money or goods from people who owe debts
Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority (CICA)
Organisation which pays compensation to the victims of violent crime.
Decree Absolute
Order dissolving a marriage.
Decree Nisi
Document issued confirming that the court is satisfied that the Petitioner is entitled to a divorce.
Deed of Variation
A legal document changing a Will or Intestacy made after death
A gift of property in the will
There can be fair and unfair dismissals. If an employer dismisses without completing a three-stage process, this, in most cases, will be considered to be automatically unfair.
Equitable Interest
Interest in land or personal property which is given effect by the principles of equity.
The total assets of a person including property in their sole name, their share of any joint assets, any benefit under a trust and any assets nominated in their name
A person appointed to administer the will
Garden Leave
A company normally implements this with senior executives in cases where they do not wish them to work their period of notice and do not wish to make a payment in lieu of notice.
Grant of Probate
A document confirming legal authority to the person dealing with the deceased's person's estate
Grant of Representation
Word including Probate of the Will or Letters of Administration
A person appointed to look after the interests of a child under the age of 18
High Court Enforcement Officer
These are persons responsible for enforcing High Court orders and for taking money or goods from people who owe debts.
Inheritance Tax
A tax on the value of a person's estate on death and certain gifts made during their lifetime
Dying without making a Will; a person is said to die intestate
A person who dies without making a valid will or without fully disposing of their property by will
A gift of a specific item in the will, excluding land
Letters of Administration
The formal legal proof that an administrator is entitled to deal with the estate where either there is no will, or the executors appointed by the will are unable or unwilling to act.
Life Interest
The right to enjoy for life, or until a specified period or an event has occurred, either money or property left in the will
Form of cancer which effects the lining of the lung caused by asbestos fibre exposure.
Motor Insurers' Bureau
This is an organisation enacted to compensate the victims of negligent uninsured and untraced motorists
Pecuniary Legacy
A gift of money in the will
Personal Representatives
An alternative term for Administrators or Executors
The party who starts divorce proceedings.
Someone who has died before the person making the will
The formal legal proof that a Will is valid and the Executors are entitled to deal with the estate
A redundancy occurs where there is no longer a need for the job to be done. Employers must give proper notice of likely redundancies and must consult at an early stage with the persons likely to be affected. They must look at any possible alternative employment and discuss this with the employee before a final redundancy decision is made. Redundancy compensation is based upon age and length of service.
Repetitive Strain Injury
An injury which is caused by repetitive movements of a particular part of the body. RSI is sometimes also referred to as Upper Limb Disorder (ULD)
Residuary Legacy
A gift of the residue of an estate or a share in it
The part of the estate left after payment of legacies, debts, taxes and administration expenses
The person against whom divorce proceedings are brought.
Restrictive Covenants
These are contained in a contract of employment for the protection of the company's interest. To be valid they must be reasonable both in terms of their length and area. They will normally prevent a senior employee from working for a competitor and/or from poaching customers and staff.
Solicitors' Regulation Authority (SRA)
The SRA deal with all regulatory and disciplinary matters and sets, monitors and enforces the standards for solicitors across England and Wales. They act in the public interest.
Specific Legacy
An individual item left in a Will
Statutory Demand
This is a formal demand for payment of undisputed debts.
A man who has made a will
A woman who has made a will
A binding obligation on a person, the trustee, to deal with property for the benefit of another
The person who holds property on behalf of another
Vibration White Finger
This effects workers using vibrating, rotating or percussive hand guided power tools. It is the most common form of Hand Arm Vibration Syndrome (HAVS)
A legal document to declare how to dispose of property in the estate after death

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