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Debt Recovery - At Rutherfords

Rutherfords LLP has a specialist debt recovery department which offers an efficient, cost effective, commercial approach to debt recovery. Control your debtors and let us manage your debt recovey.

Debt recovery is an important part of running a business.  Delay in payment of debts or non-payment of debts can seriously affect your cash flow with the recovery of debts being both time consuming and costly.

There are four common stages to the debt collection process:-


A solicitor’s letter formally demanding payment is often the most cost effective method of debt recovery and may be all that is required to prompt payment from the debtor.

We charge a fixed fee for this process.


If the debt remains unpaid then county court proceedings can be issued against the debtor for recovery of the debt and accrued interest.

We charge a fixed fee for this process.


If no response is received to the court proceedings issued, judgment can be entered against the debtor in the Register of County Court Judgments which is used by the Credit Reference Agencies.

Prevention of the judgment (by the debtor paying the debt) is a strong incentive to encourage payment.

We charge a fixed fee for this process.


Once a judgment for recovery of monies is awarded by the Courts action to enforce the judgment can be taken.

If the judgment is for a sum of £600.00 or over it can be enforced using High Court Enforcement Officers (formerly knowns as the Sheriffs).

High Court Enforcement Officers work under the authority of a Writ of Control which is issued by the Court incurring a Court Fee of just £60.00.

A Writ of Control allows the High Court Enforcement Officers to take control of the debtor’s goods which can subsequently be sold to satisfy the judgment debt if it remains unpaid.

In the event of successful recovery all of the High Court Enforcement Officers fees are recoverable from the debtor.  If recovery is not successful the High Court Enforcement Officers fees are limited to £75.00 plus vat.

Recently two of the largest High Court Enforcement organisations have merged meaning that their combined experience and expertise will offer valuable resources for effective recovery of judgment debts.

Rutherfords will deal with each stage of the process for you at competitive fixed rates leaving you to concentrate on your business.

For more information please contact Louise Tyler on l.tyler@rutherfordslegal.com

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