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Large increase in County Court fees

The government has substantially increased the level of court fees payable on all claims which exceed the small claims limit of £10,000.00.  As from Monday 9th March 2015, the fees for claims above £10,000.00 have been increased to 5% of the sum claimed (4.5% if the claim is issued on-line), subject to a maximum court fee of of £10,000.00.

This decision has resulted in a dramatic increase in the level of court fees payable.  Before 9th March the court fees payable were www.thesheriffsoffice.com/images/files/formsex050-eng.pdf

These court fees have been replaced by the following fees:- www.justice.gov.uk/court/fees.

By way of example, for a claim issued (not on-line) for , say, £40,000.00. The Court fee was £610.00 but is now £2,000.00 and for a claim of £80,000.00 the Court fee was £910.00 but is now £4,000.00.  These figures are slightly reduced if the claim is issued on-line, but nonetheless are a substantial increase with the maximum increase being 600%.

Lawyers and Judges are very concerned that this huge hike in fees may have the effect of decreasing the availability of litigation to clients who are dissuaded from proceeding with a claim simply due to the level of fees.  In all the circumstances, clients should consider very carefully before proceedings are issued and obtain legal advice.  It is still the case that, in the vast majority of disputes, the loser pays the winner's costs and in these circumstances there is a lot to be lost (and gained) in litigation and it is always sensible to proceed with good advice.

Steve Wengraf
Litigation Partner, Rutherfords LLP

01827 3141 

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