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Divorce is the ending of a contract in law. To secure a divorce you must have been married for more than one year. If both parties are in agreement then a divorce can very often be completed amicably and quickly.

Importantly a divorce does not include matters in relation to children or finances. It is important to separate the process of divorce - dissolving your marriage - from the issues of children and finances, which will be dealt with separately by the court and this firm.

Is divorce the only way?

No. We can offer you information about local marriage guidance services who can help with reconciliation.

How much are the court fees?

The court fee for starting divorce proceedings is £550.

When can I get a divorce?

Once you have been married for one year.

Must I explain why I want a divorce?

Yes, although the ground for divorce is "irretrievable breakdown of marriage", you can only apply for a divorce if you can establish:

  • Adultery
  • Unreasonable Behaviour
  • Two Years Separation by Consent
  • Five Years Separation without Consent
  • Desertion

Do I need a new Will?

Yes. If you have no Will and die before the divorce is made final your estranged spouse will receive a substantial legacy. If you have a Will you should review it as it may no longer accurately reflect your wishes. Please contact our Private Client Department for further information.

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