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Time Limits (Limitation)

A claim must be generally brought within three years of the date of the accident or three years of when you first became aware that the accident was caused by a negligent act or omission.

If you do not make a claim within three years of the accident your claim may be refused entirely.

If you were under 18 when the accident happened then the three year time limit will not start to run until your 18th birthday. There are also rare occasions (for instance in significant head injury cases), when the time limit does not start to run at all.

There are occasions when the three year time limitation may change. For instance in claims involving defective products and in claims involving accidents on planes the time limit is two years. Claims under the Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority (CICA) usually also have to be bought within two years.

It is very important that you see your solicitor and obtain advice as soon as possible about the accident as three years may seem a long time but it runs very quickly and frequently a lot of work needs to be done in that three year period. In addition, the evidence that the accident occurred is more difficult to obtain as time passes.

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