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Making a will

Making a will ensures that your property and possessions are dealt with in accordance with your wishes and that your family is provided for on your death.

An effectively drawn will can minimise inheritance tax, appoint guardians for young children, create trusts for a surviving spouse or partner, children or grandchildren, specify your funeral arrangements and ensure the appointment of trusted friends or family to act as executors of your estate.

If you die without making a will (`intestate`), your estate will be divided and distributed according to the law, regardless of your wishes.

Changes in your personal circumstances often requires a review of your existing will, and if necessary, preparation of a new will or amendments by a codicil. Your will should be reviewed at least every five years and when there is a change in personal circumstances such as getting married, divorce, additional children in the family, and increasing wealth.

We have an experienced team who will work with you through the process of making a will, and can visit you at home if required.

Areas of specialism:
  • Drafting a will
  • Reviewing an existing will
  • Inheritance tax

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