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Trusts and estate planning

The use of trusts and estate planning is useful for a large range of individuals to safeguard valuable assets against the risks of divorce, bankruptcy, care fees and unnecessary taxation.

They also can be used to ensure financial security during your lifetime and the smooth transfer of wealth from one generation to the next.

Where joint property is concerned, the most significant asset is usually the family home, and we can advise whether it maybe beneficial to sever the tenancy to provide greater flexibility and equalisation of assets on death, and to protect part of the family home from local authority assessment for nursing home fees, financial settlement on divorce, or the Trustee in Bankruptcy.

We can also advise on post-death planning to reduce inheritance tax and the preparation of Deeds of Variation (also known as `Deeds of Family Arrangement`) to vary the terms of the will or intestate distribution.

Areas of specialism:

  • Advising on the use of trusts and general estate planning
  • Drafting trusts (lifetime gifting and on death)
  • Acting as professional trustees
  • Advising on joint property and severing joint tenancies
  • Nursing care fees

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