Tour of Air Ambulance Headquarters

Representatives from Rutherfords LLP were invited to attend a presentation and tour of the new Midlands Air Ambulance Charity (MAAC) airbase and headquarters located at Shifnal in Shropshire close to the Staffordshire border.

Solicitor Tony Illsley and probate lawyer Rebecca Taylor had a tour of the facilities which include welcoming visitor areas, meeting rooms and state -of-the-art clinical training facilities.

The new headquarters and helicopter hangar are extremely impressive. Two helipads and a dual hanger for helicopters and rapid response ground vehicles. The helicopter serving the Tatenhill airbase in Staffordshire is housed at Shifnal overnight. The third airbase is at Strensham along the M5 motorway serving the Worcestershire area, Herefordshire, and Gloucestershire.

The helicopters can only respond to emergency calls in daylight hours when visibility is good.  The MAAC also operate critical care cars from Oldbury in the West Midlands and in Worcester which operate in all weather conditions and during the night.

The new facilities allow the MAAC to deliver enhanced Helicopter Emergency Medical Service (HEMS) across the entire Midlands six county region, with pre-hospital emergency medicine. The helicopters have fully equipped mobile A+E facilities.

The facilities allow advanced clinical training as a recognised centre of excellence for paramedics and doctors. The clinical training simulation room provides a wall-to-wall experience with projected images to replicate environments likely to be experienced in the field. These include a factory warehouse, a woodland scene, or by the motorway, and creates the sounds associated with these environments. The room is climate controlled to simulate a rescue in the heat of summer or in the depths of snow in winter. Impressive!

You can access a downloadable pdf leaflet of the services offered from this link

Tony Illsley is one of the original solicitor panel members when the Free Will Writing Scheme started in 2014. With around 40% of all emergency responses funded by will legacies this is a vital revenue stream to enable the MAAC to continue to provide emergency services. If you are 50 or over and reside within the county boundary you may be eligible for this service. The MAAC pay a discounted fee to the solicitor. You are free to include a legacy or share of residue to the MAAC if you wish to do so.

Tony meeting Michelle McCracken the Individual Giving & Development Manager.

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